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Eliminate the cause of the pain 

Finally lead a pain-free life: What sounds like a dream can be true - because 90% of pain is unnecessary. 


pain as
language of the body


Pain has a purpose. As feelings are the language of the soul, pain is the language of the body. They indicate to us that we are about to harm him. Anyone who understands this language is able to alleviate the cause of pain permanently and in a natural way, and ultimately to eliminate it.

Because: Almost all of our pain is functional.


A lot of sitting, little movement and joint angles used on one side make things difficult for us. In the long term, they result in a strong overstretching of the muscles and fascia. Enormous pressure is exerted on joints and vertebrae: they wear out. Receptors in the body register this damage and pass this information on to the brain, which then responds with an alarm pain  triggers.  


Press - stretch - roll


Together, Roland and Petra Liebscher-Bracht discovered 72 so-called pain pressure points on the periosteum: These points act like gear levers: if they are pressed in a targeted manner, the movement programs in the brain responsible for muscle tension are reset and the tension is normalized. The result, which is impressive for many patients: Most of the time, the pain disappears completely or partially - and often immediately!  


But this manual osteopressure, which I will be offering in my practice from 2022, is "only" step 1 of 3 necessary. Because not only the overvoltages have to be reduced, but also the movement patterns have to be permanently changed. This is done on your own responsibility with daily bottleneck stretches and fascia rolls. Depending on your pain profile, you will be shown specific exercises after the osteopressure.  


You invest 15 minutes a day, very uncomplicated and feasible almost everywhere. And you will be supported by me and also via the super good websites of Liebscher & Bracht with words and deeds. We also talk about your diet - also an important building block for your freedom from pain

Do not hesitate contacting me. And you are very welcome to familiarize yourself with Liebscher & Bracht pain therapy via the website: Liebscher & Bracht main website with extensive health knowledge, pain encyclopedia, nutrition encyclopedia, expert opinions, exercises against pain and information on studies.


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