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Esalen ® Massage
& pain relief
according to Liebscher & Bracht


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"... Brigitte Wettstein's ESALEN massage has a nurturing, motherly quality with the security it gives."

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Flowing over the whole body, mindful, still and with great presence:

The Esalen Massage is rightly called "The Art of Conscious Touch". It combines the wisdom of the East with the knowledge of the West. 



To you!


Almost always - and for everyone who wants to do something good for their health!

The holistic Esalen massage is suitable for prevention, therapy and/or relaxation. 



Body, mind and soul belong together!



The Esalen massage has numerous positive effects on your body, your soul, your spirit.




Created in the 1960s at the Esalen Institute in California on the coast (Big Sur)...


. The Esalen Massage has continued to develop with the basis of the Classic Swedish Massage. But she still bears the special characteristics of the body therapists Ida Rolf (structural integration), Moshé Feldenkrais (movement as a means of creating clarity in thought), Milton Trager (what would be easier, what would be freer?), Randolph Stone (body, Spirit and soul belong together), Charlotte Selver and Fritz Perls (coherence and integration of mental processes).



Your self-responsible path towards freedom from pain and mobility - without medication and surgery. Revolutionary therapy according to Liebscher & Bracht




ESALEN® Massage*

45 minutes 100 Fr

60 minutes 130 Fr

75 minutes 150 Fr

90 minutes 170 Fr

*Recognized by many health insurers via supplementary insurance; please clarify this with your cashier before treatment

PAIN RELIEF according to Liebscher & Bracht

First treatment (90 minutes) 200 francs

Each additional treatment (60 minutes) CHF 160

Self-pay at the moment. The recognition of the method is currently being checked by the health insurers

CHOACHING according to Liebscher & Bracht (without treatment)


30 minutes 80 Fr


treatment time



The treatment time includes a short preliminary talk so that I can respond to your needs as best as possible. Optimal treatment time: 90 minutes.

PAIN RELIEF according to Liebscher & Bracht


The treatment time includes the anamnesis, the recording of your pain reference value, the osteopressure and the instruction for bottleneck stretching and fascia roll massages for your daily exercises. Of course there is also room for questions 

CHOACHING according to Liebscher & Bracht


get personalExercises suitable for your current pain: explanation and instructions, documents to take home



You can see the currently available dates by clicking on the "online booking" button. You can also just look inside without making a booking! Don't worry, it's very simple. And if you'd rather speak to me personally - that's fine! Please speak to the tape

Head massage without oil

20 minutes 60 francs

online booking

opening hours

see you on Friday
8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Free appointments
see "Book an appointment"

/ "book online" (don't worry, it's very simple and you can exit the menu at any time)


Card payment, cash payment, TWINT



Dorfstrasse 20
8700 Kuesnacht

(House Terlinden/ Falcons,  Entrance on the right around the corner, then on the 1st floor)

On foot/by train:

10 minutes from Zurich Stadelhofen.: 2 minutes walk from Küsnacht train station.

Public parking lots around


079 441 85 29

Appointments by arrangement. Speak to the tape too- thank you

Asca and EMR quality labels/
health insurance companies

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asca = Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine.

EMR = Experience Medical Register


As an Esalen Massage Therapist, I am asca and EMR certified and recognized by most health insurance companies (therapeutic treatments related to illness or accident may be covered by supplementary insurance.


It is the patient's responsibility to check with their insurer as a priority for coverage).



What can you expect from Esalen® Massage?  

The Californian-based Esalen® massage is incredibly soothing yet highly effective. It positively impacts your body on an energetic and emotional level of well-being. This extends into the fascia and nervous system.

An Esalen® massage relieves tension and alleviates chronic pain, aids with joint problems and limited mobility issues. It combats stress and fatigue and is instrumental in helping with emotional distress.  

As I work as a therapist using the the ESALEN®Massage, with its structure-oriented approach to muscle, joint and the binding tissue (fascia, deep bodywork) my focused presence will give you serenity, more agility, lightness, vitality, clarity, decisiveness, and new vigour.  

How Esalen® Massage can bring maximum health benefits


The ESALEN® Massage relaxes your muscles and loosens the joints, stimulates the blood circulation and the cardiovascular system, activates your metabolism and equalizes the nervous system (Parasympaticus/Sympaticus). In conclusion, it offers relief and well-being for body, mind and soul. Positive thoughts during the massage will appear out of the blue! In return, this will help you and your self-healing capabilities.  

Unique quality of Esalen® Massage:  


One particular characteristic of the Californian ESALEN® Massage lies in the free riding massage routine, which develops - depending on your personal situation and my experience and intuition - in the present. In this way, every session is just as unique as you are.  

Just as unique is the gentle touch and experience of the therapist. You will enjoy the attentive, focused and smooth flowing strokes over your body in an unbiased and nurturing environment. You are offered plenty of room to connect with your inner source and higher consciousness.

Elements of Esalen® Massage:  


Long strokes, deep connective tissue (fascia), flowing transitions, stretching and mobilization of muscles and joints, swinging, gently swaying wave movements are typical elements of the ESALEN® massage. Passive stretching and joint mobilization creates new space, and the ability to push your physical limits, and relieve tensions. Gently swaying wave movements and long strokes over your whole body will make you relax deeply enough to ensure deep muscular structure work and fascia work in comfort. The wonderful and binding flow of the ESALEN® Massage allows you to be aware of your wholeness. And everything is teamwork: You give me feedback, what feels relaxing for you, and I as an ESALEN® Massage Practitioner work WITH and not ON you. By doing so, it opens your path to your conscious awareness.

Please don't hesitate to book an appointment. I work with clients of all shapes and sizes. I'm looking forward to working with you!




Even as a child it was my secret career wish to be an angel - or to become one. But it was only when I encountered the Esalen Massage that I realized that there are earthly tools for this. Inspired, I completely changed my professional life, and this focused, healing type of bodywork, which originated in Esalen, California, has accompanied and inspired me every day since then. I completed my training at the European Esalen® Institute in Zurich in 2011 and have been attending further training courses ever since; Basic medical training (anatomy/physiology/pathology) at the iac Zurich. 
Since Easter 2018 my Esalen®Massage practice at Dorfstrasse 20 in the middle of Küsnacht - a historic, charming house with soul. The legendary quality of touch, the focused presence, the unity of body, mind and soul, the mindful and deep silence, the connecting flow of this meditation in motion and especially its deep effectiveness fascinate and delight me deeply, and the murmur of the directly adjacent stream supports the process of letting go.
I am a member and recognized therapist of the Esalen Massage and Bodywork Association (EMBA) California, a member of the Esalen Massage Switzerland working group and asca-, EMR- and EGK-recognized (asca = Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine, EMR = empirical medicine register); many health insurance companies cover part of the treatment costs for therapeutic treatments in connection with an illness or an accident as part of the supplementary insurance - please clarify as a matter of priority). 
For over twenty years I have been living with my husband, the pianist and composer Martin Wettstein ( and our young adult son in Küsnacht on Lake Zurich, where we are rooted and connected. Singing, meditating, gardening, collecting and preparing wild plants, exercise in nature, friendships, gratitude and constant further education on the personality level are important to me. I receive essential impulses for my work from my teachers, friends and personalities such as Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Robert Betz, Roland and Petra Liebscher-Bracht and many more - thank you!

Further training:
Esalen Massage: Side position massage; Disc hernias, sciatica, chronic back pain; whiplash, migraines, neck tension; Psychosomatics, process work. Various further training courses in Deep Bodywork ® (fascial work). Energy work according to Bengston. MBSR 8-week course (Mindfulness-based stress reduction), stress reduction through mindfulness according to the molecular biologist Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn.
Additional body therapy training:
Pain therapy according to Liebscher & Bracht

A revolutionary help for self-help and manual osteopressure on your way to freedom from pain. 

Current training with graduation in spring 23:
Deep body work
®- deep fascia work developed in Esalen, California. Helps to release deep-seated tension and blockages.


Brigitte Wettstein-Uetz
Esalen Massage / Deep Bodywork /
Pain relief according to Liebscher & Brought

Dorfstrasse 20, 8700 Küsnacht

079 441 85 29

Responsible for the website:

Brigitte Wettstein

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